Functional Lifestyles' state-of-the-art facility celebrates its California roots with an indoor-outdoor space. Where fitness is more than an aesthetic goal, we feature top-of-the-line ROGUE strength and conditioning equipment along with the industry's best performance tracking tools to connect your mind, body and soul.


PERSONALIZED FITNESS INSTRUCTION - We mix individual attention with a strong sense of community. We are a true small-group training facility. Every class is capped at 10, with two coaches at every class

INDIVIDUALIZED NUTRITION PLANNING - We provide each athlete with a full nutritional plan and membership includes one-on-one planning sessions every month.

OFF-DAY HEALTH AND FITNESS PLANNING - You work hard at the gym, but we know you're only here for a few hours each week. We provide individualized off-day plans for the time you're not here, including mobility work, cardio plans, etc., all customized to meet your specific needs. 

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